Initially, the firm was set up for the marketing of mattresses and accessories as a viable product coming from Italy. In 1996, in partnership with the Italian partners, Effe2 was created to deal with the production and marketing of mattresses of all types, orthopedic systems and sleeping accessories. Now with a 21 year experience in manufacturing and trading our products.

Increasing quality, standardization of products according to the requirements of the further market and equipped with ISO 9001 quality product and production certificate. Continuous improvement of technology, use of materials as certified and guaranteed raw materials, timely and timely delivery seriousness of our clients’ requirements for many years. The most advantageous treatment for quality qualitative and client relationship has been the basis and foundation of our work. The opportunity we provide to test the product and, if necessary, to replace it according to customer requirements is our priority.

As a result of the work and dedication of all staff we are among the most quoted in the hotel market all over the country. The variety of the main product that is mattress has created the possibility that we participate and be the winners in the hospital market and student dormitories. Being aware that your products are for comfort and sleep comfort (1/3 of your life) we offer the right products divided into age groups, weight, sensitivity to allergies, for a fair solution to those who have problems with spinal cord. All this is the experience we receive from our partners in Italy and from consultations with field experts. We offer guarantees according to European standards and as a result of product advertisements are inadequate.

Hotels which have got our products are: Boutique Hotel Kotoni; Hotel Mondial; Hotel Diplomat; Hotel Europa; Hotel Nobel; Hotel Stela; Hotel Doro City;Hotel Boutique Villa Fernando etc. Also, new hotels on the coast starting in Shengjin, in Durres a large number of hotels, descending to Golem, Vlora, holidays in Dhermi and Drimadh and over 20 hotels in Saranda. We have established cooperation with private hospitals, QSUT (Tirana) and hundreds of mattresses produced for students and high schools.