Ortopedik Classic:


The story of the production of this traditionally known mattress, is the story of
modern mattress.
The banners used in this mattress and known as the “Bonnel” are biconical springs
(steel) with a high percentage of tempered carbon diameter of 2mm to 2.4mm.
They can be found with a number of spirals of 4 to 6.
It is the most widespread system for the production of orthopedic strong and semi-mattresses
The height of this spring is 13cm to 15cm.
In the composition of this mattress we have:
Shajak (filter) 1200 gr / m 2.
Polyurethane D 25 for side clothing and mattress pads,
Cotton on one side and natural wool merino for the winter on the other.
Wearing 100% cotton wool in two variants:

with strong stamps (for those who are advised).
Certified antiallergic materials according to EU standards.

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