Latex is a natural base product that is derived from the tree and is known as tree
of the rubber “, whose scientific name is” Hevea Brasiliens “.
From the name we understand that we are dealing with a product of vegetal origin.

The substance from which the latex is created is very similar to the milk and
characterized by white color to beige.
Of course this material is processed by turning into a special kind of foam.
This foam, between the technological processes turns into a rubber block and after some processes
we benefit latex, elastic and resistant.
The latex mattress is hygienic and analgesic, thanks to those we call
air ducts.
Being a natural product, the specific weight in the plates varies from one to the other.
The natural percentage varies from 5% to 50%.
The higher the natural percentage the greater the weight is and the specific weight.
Latex is produced in special forms with a geometric contour that responds to anatomy
human body.
To maintain such a mattress it is advisable to return it from side to side and from
head and foot once in 3 weeks.
It should not be wet and if it does not, it should not be exposed to sunlight.
Latex mattress is advised for all those who move too much while sleeping and are suffering from
They are categorized as mattress with 5 and 7 differential zones.
They are absolutely antiallergic, antibacterial, super-slip and anti-material
Having a structure with spaces that go beyond the air flow is maximum.
Their clothing is made with special chains on the four sides that allow washing.
Materials certified according to EU standards

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