Strukture Dyshek Box Sachetatto + Latex

Box Sachetatto + Latex

The micropocket or insaquat (suits) is designed for comfort
The main feature is high flexibilty as a result of which the body has a support
correct during sleep.
Who are the strengths of this subject:

Correct and differentiated support
These types of stains are produced in 3.5 & amp; 7 Fractional Areas to Ensure Minimum
transmission of bedding.
The thread diameter ranges from 1.2mm to 1.7mm.
The number of spirals ranges from 5 to 13.
The diameter of the sustes ranges from 40mm to 60mm.
Wearing these systems is made with special needles “punch” ranging from 70gr / m 2 to
100gr / m 2.
Depending on the diameter, their number in 1m 2 ranges from 300 to 900 pcs.
As a result, in a double mattress their number ranges from 1600 to 2850 and maximum
3800 pcs.
In addition to the micropocket are used super micropocket and HD cover.
Combinations of these systems make possible the realization of some types of mattresses.
These systems reduce the orthopedic effect, stimulate blood microcirculation, and have an effect
sensationally massaging.
The composition of this mattress is:
Micropocket sleeve socket.
Polyurethane D 30, 4cm per page and 7cm per side.
Add a 3cm latex luster to the mattress, increasing the softness and elasticity of one
correct spinal column positioning.
Wearing 100% cotton or strech.
Side edges with Geox 3D for ventilation.
It is accompanied by a 35 cm check chain.
Certified antiallergic materials according to EU standards.


Certified antiallergic materials according to EU standards.

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