Dyshek 3 Kolor Memory Aloe Vera

3,4 OR 5 COLOR

This mattress is made up of 3.4 or 5 layers of special tire fitted according to
technological standard.
Denial and weight per unit volume of special tires is expressed in kg / m3.
It can range from 18kg / m 3 to 50kg / m 3.
The combination of layers on these mattresses is done by the cutting method or otherwise called
The upper part in contact with the human memory memory foam body is white or colored.
But what is memory foam?
It is a high tech polyurethane foam product which was first created
by NASA scientists around the 1960s to give maximum boat comfort
In recent years this product is widely used in mattresses production ranging from
a slimmer slider that puts up mattresses to make it more comfortable up to
combinations of higher layers.
It is a viscous elastic product and provides a uniform distribution of pressure on body I
man over it. Undeniable, it returns to its first form.
We find in 2 forms: Visco Memory and Breeze.
Memory Foam mattresses represent innovative products due to their capacity for
kept and adapted to the body’s shape during sleep.
There are dozens of different types of memory available in the market.
How should he be elected?
To understand that the memory mat is qualitative, consider the technical file at
his. The density should not be less than 40kg / m 2.
It is characteristic that in cold temperatures Memory Foam strengthens and softens us
higher temperatures, even from the temperature of the human body. It is advised in particular
for people with spinal cord problems, the bony system and post-
traumatic. On this layer of Memory to enjoy the 5 color mattress are on
placed 2 Soft Visco Red and 1 layer Aloe Feel with super hydration and impact
positive in human health.
Blue Base Visco Water Pur.
The shape of this mattress is anatomically shaped by the human backbone.

Why should we choose this type of mattress:
Favor blood circulation.
Avoid deformations in critical areas of the body.
Memorize the format by increasing the surface of the contact.
They overshadowed the maximum stress and provide the correct positioning
They are antibacterial, antiallergic and homogeneous in composition.
This mattress type is also available in the 3,4 and 5 color variants.
Special dressing with antiallergic chains on four sides that allows washing.
Materials certified according to EU standards.

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