Strukture Dyshek Super Micropocket

Box Sachetatto Super Micropocket

The super micropocket that is used in this mattress is the latest generation.
High system densities per m 2 (over 1000 piece), maximum number of spirals (13) and coating
with antiallergic fabrics make this uniqueness of its kind.
This product fulfills the psychophysical and quality of life requirements.
These systems make it possible to optimally distribute the weight in pairs by balancing
The composition of this mattress is:
Super micropocket sump.
Polyurethane D 30, 4cm per page and 7cm per side.
Wearing 100% cotton wool tailor-made or elastic stretch for those who
they prefer.
Side edges with Geox 3D for ventilation.
Is accompanied by a 35cm control chain.
Certified antiallergic materials according to EU standards

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